How does Crystal work?
The natural crystal gemstone constantly releases the energy magnetic field, which enhances the fortune corresponding to health, wealth, career, love, and popularity. At the same time, various natural crystals also correspond to different birthday months, zodiac signs and constellations. Find the natural crystal gemstones that are attached to you! Click Here for more information.

In addition, natural crystal can be used as the feng shui of your home, office or shop, condensing the energy magnetic field in the house, helping the town house to ward off evil spirits, gathering people and wealth, recruiting money, helping the family, auspicious, abundance and tranquility.

What is the best way to charge?

Purifying and cleaning crystals is an important part of taking care of crystals. We suggest to use White Crystal Cluster Purification, Click Here fore more information.

Do crystal really wants to activate?
In fact, activate is used to officially declare that an object is sacred, only for Buddhist rituals, not for crystal products. In the case of crystal energetic, "purification" is the most important part! Because the crystal moment will absorb different information, and even the negative energy around. If it is not properly purified, it will often affect the effect of its crystal energy. "Purifying the crystal" is not a complicated matter. You can use the products such as White Crystal to clear the negative energy in the crystal and "recharge" the crystal energy.

When will my items begin shipped?
Most items ship within 2 - 5 business days. However, because all of our rings are hand-made in small batches, it may sometimes take up to 7 - 10 business days to ship. please let us know at fabolouzcs@gmail.com and we will do everything we can to accommodate.

What if I Ordered the Wrong Size?
No problem! If your item doesn’t fit perfectly, please let us know by emailing us at fabolouzcs@gmail.com, our customer service will be happy to get an exchange sent out to you asap.