Must read! Method of cleaning crystal (Purifying Crystal)

Purifying and cleaning crystals is an important part of taking care of crystals. Because of its unique ability to absorb information and emotions, Crystal has become a gem that affects luck, health and emotions. In order to protect people on their own magnetic fields, crystals must be cleaned after they are bought back. In addition, the crystal will absorb your negative energy. When a certain negative energy is stored, the crystal will become dull and turbid. Regular cleaning of crystals can eliminate the negative energy stored in the crystal, and maintain the crystal energy and function. Purification can also make the crystal more and more beautiful. There are roughly the following methods for cleaning.

Method 1 - White Crystal Cluster Purification:
Place the crystal on the white crystal clusters, let the crystal clusters vibrate constantly, remove the impurities of the crystal and recharge it. This is the easiest way to purify crystals. It is recommended to put your beloved crystals on the crystals every night before going to bed.

Method 2 - Flashing Purification "Best Purification Method":
Put your white crystal into the water first, wait a few hours (like 2 - 5 hours), let them fill the water with energy, then put the crystal to be cleaned into the water for about 10-30 minutes, with the powerful energy of white crystal cleaning. (Time depends on size, quantity, etc.) This is the most commonly used method for purifying customers, and it is also the best method for various purification methods.

Method 3 - freeze purification:
Put the crystal in water hose or rinse with distilled water, rinse for a few minutes or put it in water for about half an hour, wipe it dry, place the crystal in the container, then put it in the refrigerator, take it out after about six or seven hours. Then the purification is completed. Low temperature is a kind of blessing force for crystal, which has the function of cleaning and purifying.

Method 4 - Soil Purification:
If you have a garden in your home, consider burying the crystal in the mud and letting the power of the earth cleanse your crystal.

Method 5 - moonlight purification:
Pack the crystals and place them in a container (glass bowl or plate is better), then place them where you can shine to the moon, such as a terrace, window sill or garden (note the fact that the moon will move). So time is best on the 15th and the last few days of the month. If you put the crystal in the bowl and put the pure water, the effect will be better.

**Note 1: We do not recommend cleaning the crystal with salt water, because this method may have adverse effects on the crystal.
**Note 2: We do not recommend the use of gravel to purify the crystal, because this method is a common error purification method.